Are the courses online or face to face?
Some courses are online, some are face to face. Usually, long term courses are online and short-term ones are face to face.
Where should I begin?
You could wait for the long-term beginner course which starts once a year, follow the online workshops or if you are someone who can follow a course from a recording you may reach us from e-mail address or 0538 448 24 98 phone number and practise from recordings.
How long do the courses last?
Long-term courses last between 6-8 months, short-term courses are between 2-4 days. The online classes last between 90-120 minutes.
Do I have to have dancing experience before I can attend the courses?
Other than advanced courses you don’t have to have any experience, in fact the lack of experience could even be better.
How long are the class recordings available?
Recordings of the long-term courses are available in the duration of the course, recording of the online workshops are available up to 1 month after the workshop.
I have previous injuries in my knee/ back/ foot. Could I still attend the courses?
I base the courses on body awareness and suggest different variations of movements therefore you could attend the courses after injuries. You could protect the injured by doing the moves at a minimum and taking longer breaks as you need. You will feel especially your knee and lower back complaints relieved over time.
When will there be new group courses?
The next long-term course will start in 2023.
Could I register for a class after 2-3 months?
I care about group dynamics and therefore new registries are not allowed after 2 months.
I previously took twerk courses. Do I still need to purchase first courses of Pelvic Tribe?
Curriculums of pelvic tribe and twerk courses are different. Pelvic tribe does include twerk moves and there are also practices beyond twerk. It is a course where we work with pelvis on a deeper level, so you can think of them as two different courses.
Could you share the songs you play during courses?
My Spotify lists are public; you may find the songs over there.
Are the online participants given priority for retreat reservations?
Because I announce the retreats in my online classes the online participants usually book the retreats. We find the opportunity to meet and hug in person after meeting online.
Do you provide discounts?
I provide discounts for university students on special occasions.
If I quit the courses for 1 month, could I still continue with the following month?
The classes are added on top of one another, missing 4 classes means having trouble understanding the following classes therefore you couldn’t continue from the following month.
When I follow courses from recordings can I get in touch with Buse?
There are participants who cannot follow the online course up to date and they follow only from the recordings. They e-mail their questions to me and I give feedback. We could also do online Q&As sometimes.