Your Belly Knows the Truth

Although we think of ourselves as free and separate individuals, in fact, the information we receive from society without realizing it clouds our minds and reflects on our body. And even if you think you have control over your body, your unconscious mind creates itself in your body, trying to be visible by causing various symptoms.

Especially in societies like ours where sex is prohibited these symptoms have a common ground. Weakness, lack of sexual desire, menstrual problems; even muscle aches, nausea… You must have thought that all these seemingly physical problems have an emotional basis.

Restrictions create different reactions for all of us. Some of us close in on ourselves in fear, some of us fall apart, some of us feel lost; some of us open too much to oppose. However, eventually we must give some “reactions” that do not belong to our “self”. Let’s think; In a world where sexuality and sexual orientation are properly explained to us, where we are liberated and supported, your explorations could’ve been yours and you could’ve decided which way to go.

However, among such confidential societal restrictions your body may not know how to behave.

Suppressing your own sexuality means suppressing your life force. As it is known, libido defines not only our sexual energy but also our life force. Our sexual energy and libido are somehow intertwined. You should know that when I say sexual energy here, I don’t necessarily mean the desire to make love, I mean creativity, production, enjoyment, enthusiasm, continuing, being able to connect. All of these are about your sacral chakra and your belly.

Since we cannot deny how the collective unconscious affects our thoughts, it is most beneficial to start liberation from the most concrete place: your own body. Sometimes you may not be able to distinguish whether your mind is telling you true or false. Are these thoughts really yours, or did you learn them from somewhere? Can you really tell apart?

Working with your body makes you completely authentic, helps you find your truth and live accordingly.

To find that connection you can work with your belly and pelvis, your lower body and you can heal from your body to your soul.

Of course, reading and writing is not enough for this. You need to engage in physical activities so that you can perceive your body, your earthly existence. To perceive the body from the inside, dance is the most archaic method. Humanity has been dancing since before there was a word.

The liberation of lower body, belly and hips, with dance will allow you to exist more comfortably in this world and feel safe in your body. Thoughts that constantly fly here and there will finally realize “we are here.” You don’t have to try to be in the moment anymore. Your hips and belly will keep you in the here and now anyway.

They know here you are.

They know the world.

You won’t find your truth through your thoughts but through the ground.

It’s your belly that knows the truth not your mind.

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